Crowdsale Period

July 26, 2017 at 1pm PST to August 25, 2017
The ICO will end immediately if the $20mm hard cap is hit.

Token Distribution

ERC20 token sent to your Ethereum wallet. Only send ETH from a wallet you control. Do not send ETH from an exchange.


40% sold during ICO
30% User Growth Pool
15% Company Expenses
15% Team and Parent Company Shareholders

Total Supply

1.37 billion Credos

Growth Rate 

Fixed supply.

ICO Price

$0.0145 = 1 Credo

Investment Target 

$20 million hard cap

Pre-Mine Amount

60% allocated to User Growth Pool, Company Expenses, and the Team

Lockout Period 

Not indicated by the BitBounce / Credo team.

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