We’ve got some great news to announce. The Giftcoin bounty program has just launched!

If you don’t already know, Giftcoin is going to massively disrupt and revolutionise the multi-billion dollar charity sector. With full legal backing, the ICO will be going live for investors in the first half of January 2018, so now is the time to grab a slice of the action by earning a load of free coins before the sale starts. These digital assets will be worth a great deal within the coming months if you earn them now and hold them.

Here are the two ways for you to earn the maximum amount of free coins. The first method CLICK HERE allows you to participate with Bounty0x’s program to earn tokens. The second CLICK HERE enables you to earn big by referring others to join the program. The more who participate under you, the more you can earn.
We recommend you participate with both so as to gain the maximum amount of coins prior to ICO launch.
Best of luck, and remember not to sell your coins too quickly once they hit exchanges… JUST HODL! 😉

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