Student Of The Quarter

Bo Wong, News Writer

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Student of the Quarter Nominations


Hunter Lee (Botelho)



Dylan Beppu (Fung)

Kamryn Vanic (Leopoldino)

Jachob Dolak (McCulloch)


Student Activities/Student Life

Kaulana Aniya (Tauaese)

Matagi DuPont (Tauaese)

Stanley McKenzie (Tauaese)

Degan Davis (Tauaese)

Makaio Bruchal (Tauaese)

Issiah Scarborough (Tauaese)

Kenneth Soong (Tauaese)

Shadrach Coleman (Tauaese)

Tristan Racpan (Tauaese)

Jason Makizuru (Tauaese)

Luke Allen (Tauaese)



Connor Apo (McCulloch)